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How Do I Remove False Reviews From Citysearch?

By Aaron Minc on December 28, 2016

Removing a listing on Citysearch is a website with long and deep roots on the Internet. The site has been active since the mid-1990s and has provided users with a means to comment on local businesses and restaurants. While Citysearch has been eclipsed by some of its younger, larger rivals, the site still maintains a level of influence over consumers and potential clients. Citysearch allows users to vote and post reviews regarding the perceived quality of restaurants, salons, bars, spas, music venues, retail stores and many other locations. Business owners recognize that false and defamatory reviews about their business can result in serious consequences including loss of business. While many reviewers are fair and take their community responsibility seriously, other reviewers act less admirably. It is not unheard of for reviewers to unfairly and inaccurately characterize an experience for perceived minor slights or after having their request for special treatment rebuffed. Business owners who…


Online Extortion: When Do Internet Postings Become Illegal?

By Aaron Minc on December 14, 2016

Online Extortion Requests

Recently CNN released an article questioning if 2016 would be known as the year of online extortion. In their article,  CNN highlights some well-known and public online extortion cases. Many of these extortion events involve ransomware, which holds a computer’s files ransom until a person pays for their files to be released.  This is a growing problem across the country and something the FBI has estimated has cost its victims $18 million dollars just since April of 2014.  People have begun asking if these sorts of programs are legal.  The answer is almost certainly no! What is Online Extortion? Extortion is the gaining of property or money by almost any kind of force, or threat of violence, property damage, harm to reputation, or by unfavorable government action.   Extortion is a crime of varying degrees in every state and there is a federal law pertaining to extortion, which can be found at…


Do You Need a Court Order to Remove a Website from Google?

By Aaron Minc on November 23, 2016

Defamation on Google Search

Google is the largest and most dominant search engine in the United States and in many foreign nations. In fact, an October 2015 com Score report found that Google held nearly 65% of the U.S. desktop search engine market. This market share dwarfs its second-largest competitor, Microsoft (Bing), which holds only approximately 20% of the market. In the mobile search space, Google’s dominance is even more pronounced. In the mobile space where Google’s market share is buttressed by its Android operating system, the company’s mobile search market share is likely much greater. Globally, Google accounts for almost 90 percent of the search market. It is no surprise that people who are defamed online discover the defamation through a Google search on their own name. In other cases a family member, friend, or colleague may stumble across the search results. Thus, many people wish to tackle the problem at the location…


How to Report Slander to Facebook

By Aaron Minc on November 10, 2016

Facebook Slander

Almost everyone is on Facebook. Even if they are not a member of the popular social media site, they are probably at least familiar with it. Indeed with an online community of over one billion people, Facebook has become the largest social media platform. Users can post pictures, leave comments, like and share things with their family, friends and loved ones. While Facebook is a wonderful tool for sharing your life with people all over the world, it can also be used as a weapon. Sadly, cyber-bullying is a new trend in America and across the globe. People have come to find that being targeted on the Internet or on Facebook can really be disastrous to their life. Fortunately, the good people at Facebook do not encourage this type of behavior and have designed a reporting system in an effort to fulfill their mission of connecting the world. If you have…


How to Remove Reviews from Angie's list

By Aaron Minc on October 19, 2016

Angie's List

Angie’s list is a popular consumer-driven organization that collects customer satisfaction ratings on local service companies for more than 720 categories.  This website which has gained notoriety amongst its users provides an exclusive list of these companies based on feedback from local consumers and users. This website differs from other sites because Angie’s list is a subscription-based review site that boasts and claims that they have more accurate and trustworthy information than other comparable sites. The site lists a membership bill of rights that states their members have the right to share their honest opinions at any time. Angie’s list states that they try to ensure users are confident in the accuracy of the information, specifically the website reads: “Before they’re posted, all reviews are checked in order to guard against providers and companies that try to report on themselves or their competitors. This process was reviewed and approved during…


How Do I Get My Name or Business Removed from

By Aaron Minc on October 5, 2016

Removing information on

The Internet provides a powerful voice for its users. Every day individuals can debate hot topics, discuss life experiences, and share warnings to friends and family in regards to alleged scams, swindles, and other dishonest businesses and individuals. However, people’s perceptions of events that occur do not always match reality. Unfortunately, many Internet sites provide individuals with a platform to mischaracterize events, deals, and agreements to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other Internet users. is a site that allows users to report scams. However, misperceptions by users can result in innocent individuals, businesses and professionals being named in error. Being featured on a site like this can cause significant harm to one’s reputation or ability to run a business. If you or your business have been falsely attacked online, the attorneys of Meyers Roman Freidberg & Lewis LPA can fight to have the false review removed. We often guarantee the removal…


How Do I Get My Name or Business Removed from

By Aaron Minc on September 21, 2016

Tips for removing reviews on

Complaints List describes itself as “an interactive computer service where the general public and customers of businesses can submit complaints, reviews, or reports about a company, business, or person that has mistreated them in any way.” And, the about page claims that the site was started in 2011 due to an increase in the number of businesses attempting to “take advantage of consumers through false advertising, bait and switch, and generally poor or questionable business practices.” While this characterization of the online environment is questionable, the site has nevertheless operated as a web portal where users are free to post their reviews and perceptions of experiences working with businesses and individuals. The site touts the “equalizing power of the Internet” and boasts that the site has been constructed in a way that a single complaint will become available for all of the world to see. While the site certainly proceeds with…


When does something become Cyberbullying?

By Aaron Minc on September 8, 2016


Cyberbullying is a major problem in today’s hyper-connected world. While children and teens of previous decades had to contend with schoolyard bullying and potentially prank phone calls, bullying in today’s world is a different animal. Online bullying can affect the child or teen at all hours of the day and in any location. Where kids used to be able to retreat into the safety of their home or room in decades past, even this former sanctuary can be breached by online insults and bullying. Dealing with cyberbullying often requires a multifaceted approach. One of the steps required to deal with cyberbullying often includes the removal of the false, humiliating, and defamatory posts. Taking this step can stop the spread of vicious and vile rumors from doing any further harm. However, because cyberbullying is a serious issue and may create issues involving the school district and criminal liability, content removal should…


Are Anonymous Reviews Legal?

By Aaron Minc on September 1, 2016

Anonymous Ratings and Review

Being a business owner in today’s digital age can be frustrating.  You strive to provide your customers with the best service and take their feedback very seriously. What happens when someone leaves a review on your site that is anonymous? You may feel very frustrated because you are not able to directly address that person’s concerns. Additionally, you may be angry because a nameless person could post a fake or defamatory review which could injure your name and reputation.  If you are wondering if people are allowed to leave anonymous reviews on your site, you are not alone. Can a Person Post a Comment Anonymously? Many online review sites encourage users to post reviews and comments about a particular business or service. Some of these sites will allow users to post their reviews anonymously. This can be troubling for a business because there is almost no way for the business to verify…


What Happens if You Are the Victim of Revenge Porn?

By Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis on March 23, 2016

Whether you are a teen, a young adult, or of any age and in a new relationship the sparks may fly early one. When you and your new romantic partner are forced to be apart, you may exchange explicit messages and may even include a racy or explicit photograph. You sent that message because you trusted your partner, but in time the excitement of the relationship began to die out and you discovered that you weren’t particularly compatible. Or, perhaps one party was unfaithful or engaged in other actions or behaviors that brought an end to the relationship. Break-ups, regardless of how long the relationship lasted, are typically painful. Some individuals may direct their sadness and anger over the failed romance inward. However, other people may lash out and decide that they are justified in “getting even” with their former romantic partner. In today’s digital world, one of the ways…