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How to Get Yourself Removed from

By Aaron Minc on October 20, 2015

Working with an experienced Internet defamation removal lawyer can help you fight to remove defamatory materials that have been posted on the Internet. The Reputation LawyersTM at Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis, LPA are experienced handling the removal of false, baseless, or otherwise defamatory information from the Internet.


canstockphoto6689969-thumb-500x354-64194-thumb-500x354-64175The Problems Presented BY Third Party Mugshot & Arrest Aggregators

Busted Mugshots states that their goal is to build the “premier crime information network for arrest information, local crime incidents and sex offender registry.” While BustedMugShots claims that it strives to provide the “most accurate, relevant and up-to-date information possible.” However, since the site does not control its own data and relies on information provided by or scraped from third-parties, the site is dependent on the sources from which it pulls information. If the source provides information that is baseless or inaccurate, this website is highly likely to reflect the same.

Additionally, the site claims that “If a situation is important enough for law enforcement to make an arrest, then that data will most likely end up in our database.” Unfortunately this approach fails to consider changes to the criminal justice system including the passage of statutes that mandate that an arrest is made regardless of the officer’s professional judgment or opinion. Perhaps most notable among statutes of this type are domestic violence laws that require an arrest when a compliant is made. Depending on the state where the complaint is made, even if the officer finds no signs of domestic violence he or she must arrest one party to satisfy the law. Presenting such an arrest can lead to false impressions and false conclusions regarding the events and the character of the accused.

Furthermore, a criminal case can take a long period of time to develop and while the facts may initially appear to implicate you in the crime, it may later turn out that you had nothing to do with the act. It is at least possible that the site could fail to update their records. Furthermore, it can present the arrest that was found to be baseless in such in a way that it is unclear that the charges were dropped or you were found not guilty leading to additional and unnecessary damage to your reputation.

Finally, in the case of an expungement or a sealed record, the site is unlikely to remove these records due to the nature of the legal process. The site will not receive notice that your arrest and other records have been sealed or expunged and thus it is possible for expunged and sealed records to live-on indefinitely in private third-party databases like BustedMugShots unless the individual takes action to have it removed.

The Damage Wrought by Inaccurate & Defamatory Internet Posts

Posts on the internet about a person that are false, inaccurate, or cast the individual in an untrue negative light can have profoundly negative and far-reaching consequences. Internet defamation can result in great embarrassment and the development of fear and anxiety in social situations. In terms of tangible effects on one’s life, Internet defamation can lead to a loss of social standing and a narrowing of one’s social circles. Potential or current employers who google the individual’s name may decide to terminate, not hire, or pass the person over for a promotion they otherwise would have received. In short, statements that have a negative effect on how other people perceive your character can cause a number of social and professional problems. Those statements are unacceptable when they are defamatory.


Work with an Experienced Internet Slander & Libel Removal Team

If you have been shocked to find false and defamatory posts, photos, or reports about you online you are likely seeking answers about how to remove those posts. The Reputation LawyersTM at Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis, LPA can fight to protect your reputation by working to remove false and defamatory materials from Internet web sites like To schedule a no-cost, private initial legal consultation call our firm at (216) 831-0042 or contact us online. If we don’t successfully remove the false information from the website we GUARENTEE your money back.

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