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How to Get Yourself Removed From

By Aaron Minc on October 16, 2015


While different people will react to a discovery of this type in different ways, most will be shocked and (1)embarrassed by the postings. Some people may be tempted to pretend that it didn’t happen or they may try to convince themselves that friends, family, and colleagues will not see the images or accusations. Unfortunately, such postings often spread like wildfire in social media networks leading to additional negative consequences.

However the abuse doesn’t have to continue. Call The Reputation LawyersTM at Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis, LPA at (216) 831-0042 toll-free to schedule a free internet defamation removal consultation. Does Not Vet or Verify Reports describes itself as a site that is “driven by user submitted content.” Furthermore, following this statement the subsequent statement begins a disclaimer stating that the website is not responsible for the content submitted by its users. In practice, the website fails to take any preventative measures that would discourage an individual from submitting false and baseless reports. The website does not even ask a user to certify that the information he or she submits is accurate. In fact, the requirement that submitted information is “accurate and current” only appears on the website approximately 1600 words into’s legalistic Terms of Use policy. While the terms of use must be agreed to before a user submits his or her report, it is unlikely that he or she will wade through pages of legalese to find this provision.

Furthermore, if they intend to post something defamatory and baseless on this site, it is unlikely that they will be deterred by the policy. The site claims on its contact us page that, ” We do not keep any records of the people who post. No emails, IP addresses, or info.” The failure to collect and retain this information for a reasonable period of time sends a signal that the site does not take accountability for postings seriously. However it is difficult to reconcile that claim with this statement appearing on their submission page: has a zero-tolerance policy against child pornography. If we become aware of child pornography on our site, that content will be removed and we will report it and its submitter to the appropriate authorities.

If the website does not retain any of this information, how is it possible that they will report the submitter to the authorities? Is it possible that the website’s statements regarding no logging is simply meant to encourage people to post things that they would not if they believed they could be identified.

Other factors which encourage the posting of false and baseless reports intended to embarrass or humiliate include:

  • No account creation requirement
  • No identity verification for posters
  • Ability to associate the victim’s Facebook and Twitter account
  • A link in the top navigation bar for “GF Revenge”
  • A “Get Revenge” tagline prominently featured to the right of the company’s logo

Consequences of Online Defamation

Defamatory statements and postings made online have the potential to wreak havoc on one’s social and professional reputation. People may choose to believe the online postings over your word or the posting may plant a seed of doubt in their mind about your character that can lead to missed opportunities including:

  • Frayed social relationships or loss of friends and confidants
  • Loss of a job
  • Failure to be considered for a promotion
  • Failure to be considered for a new job
  • Difficulties in the character & fitness portion of professional licensing

These are only some of the consequences and damages that defamation can cause. In reality, defamation can affect how others perceive you and everything you do.


canstockphoto0196230-thumb-500x333-63919Work with Experienced Internet Defamation Removal Lawyers

If or a similar website contains materials that are false, baseless, and defamatory about you, The Reputation LawyersTM at Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis, LPA can fight to have it removed from the Internet. Our firm GUARANTEES the full removal of your information or you will receive your money back. We work to uncover the identity of malicious Internet posters so that they can be held accountable. To schedule a free and confidential internet defamation removal consultation, call (216) 831-0042 today or contact us online.

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