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How to Get Yourself Removed from

The Internet has provided most people with a computer, smartphone, or other connected device a platform to share their ideas, hopes, and viewpoints on certain issues. Some people use this voice to comment on news stories and political topics. Others may use their voice to expose what they perceive as wrong-doing or immoral behavior. Still others may use this voice to take revenge on a former spouse or to expose a cheating former boyfriend or girlfriend.

She’s a Homewrecker and He’s a Homewrecker can both be accessed Depending on whether the submitter wishes to identify and shame a male or female, he or she can submit the report to the relevant part of the site. The site poses the question to visitors, “Did you think she’d never find out?” It then prompts users to “Discover and expose the world’s homewreckers.”

Unfortunately, like many other user-generated content sites, users are free to submit false reports to humiliate, embarrass, and defame their target. The Internet defamation removal lawyers of Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis, LPA can fight to remove the offending content. We guarantee the removal of defamatory materials, or you will receive your money back. To schedule a free and confidential Internet defamation removal consultation, call (216) 831-0042 or contact us online today.

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Problems with Exposing a Homewrecker on She’s a Homewrecker sets forth a submission policy when users click on the “Expose a Homewrecker” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the website. The submission instructions requires a user to:

  • Be detailed
  • Fill out all information in the form
  • Submit one homewrecker per a submission
  • Stay on topic and avoid posting about 3rd party exposures
  • Not type in all caps, capitalize each word, or use other strange grammatical constructions

Aside from these general guidelines regarding post content, there are at least several problems with the site’s submission policies and procedures that makes abuse more likely, makes the consequences more severe, or both.

First, the site seems to have a strict policy that once published, posts are not removed from the website. The site states (capitalization present in original):


While the site likely cautions others to consider this fact prior to submission for purposes of accuracy, a potential abuser is likely to view this question very differently. In the mind of a person who will defame another, this message simply means that his or her abuse is likely to remain posted for an extended period of time. A potential abuser may even seek out sites with no removal policies because of the damage he or she can inflict in the time it takes to remove the post.

Furthermore, the site currently only accepts e-mail submissions. The site does not appear to verify e-mail details except in cases where more information is required. As such, savvy Internet users can protect their anonymity through the creation of temporary throwaway e-mail accounts. These accounts can be created and abandoned in mere minutes.

Since user-generated content platforms like receive broad protections against liability through Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, the ability to pursue the individual poster is an important remedy for the victim on online defamation. The site’s failure to use verified identity platforms like Facebook, Google, or others means that victims of online defamation are at risk of losing the ability to identify their tormentor. However, if the abuser does provide enough information where he or she can be identified, the victim of the online defamation could bring a suit to recover damages against the offending party.

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Rely on Experienced Internet Defamation Removal Lawyers presents itself as a way for boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives to expose a man or woman who is a “homewrecker.” While many of the reports may be authentic and based on fact, many are undoubtedly false or embellished. In other circumstances anger over perceived cheating may lead to inappropriate personal attacks. To discuss your Internet defamation removal options with an experienced attorney call Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis, LPA at (216) 831-0042 to schedule a free and confidential consultation. If we are unable to remove the defamation from the offending website you will receive your money back.